JigglyPuff's Messenger Downloading Page

Devs : Paul Faure and Elies Tali, 4IR - INSA Toulouse

Download the client app !

General Version (configuration file needs to be filled)

This archive contains the jar file to run the app along with the configuration file. It needs to be filled out. For instructions, go and read the manual !

DOWNLOAD LINK : JigglyPuffMessenger.zip

INSA Version

This is the same app, but the configuration file is already filled out to function at INSA. The local network is the GEI's network (fixes PCs) and the database/servlet are already deployed. To function as an outdoor user with this configuration, you need to use INSA's VPN.

DOWNLOAD LINK : JigglyPuffMessenger_INSA.zip

Download the servlet war file !

This is the Java servlet war file if you need to use to deploy the app in your app local network. We advice to use Apache Tomcat to host it.

DOWNLOAD LINK : ServletJiggly.war

Download the database creation script !

In order to deploy our app in your own network, you will need to create a mySQL database. You can use this script to instantly create it.

DOWNLOAD LINK : scriptDB.sql

Download the manual !

To know how to deploy and use our app in details, read the manual. The conception is also detailed in the same file (in French).

DOWNLOAD LINK : Manuel.pdf

Download the conception !

Here you will find all the UML diagrams for our project. Enjoy ! (good luck to understand them)

DOWNLOAD LINK : Conception.zip

Links to git repositories

Here are the links to our repositories